Behind the scenes
A Tribute to Italian Rally History

Een Eerbetoon aan Italiaanse Rally Historie

When thinking of Italian cars, most will immediately mention the famous supercar brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Maserati will probably be a close third for many and the petrolheads will definitely not exclude Pagani and Alfa Romeo either. Lancia though has sort of been lost in history. While the brand still exists and works closely with Chrysler for their current models, most will remember them from motorsports history.

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Portrait Session with Marvin Potters

Portrait Sessie met Marvin Potters

While known for shooting cars, I do however shoot other things too. When a friend was selected to represent our country as Mr. Netherlands in an international modelling competition in Bulgaria, he was in need of some new photos and decided to reach out to me. Part of the competition was, as so often nowadays, all about the gathering as many likes on social media as possible. A photo that stands out from the competition is always a good start and I was happy to shoot it. As this is something I don’t do very often, I thought it would be interesting to show the results here.

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Behind the Scenes Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadtrip Thomas van Rooij Photography

Behind the Scenes | Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadtrip

At the end of last year I was asked to go on a roadtrip for Mercedes-Benz to shoot some social media content for them. This ofcourse sounded like a treat alone, but they had a very special car in mind for me take. Due to being in the process of shooting and editing another campaign at that time, I wouldn’t be available until the first week of december but this wasn’t a problem at all. So this is how I got to spend some winter time with the amazing 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT S in Spain.

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Behind the Scenes | Ferrari 458 Italia Photoshoot

As a true petrolhead and photographer, I can really appreciate a well personalized supercar. Cars in this segment are made and designed with an amazing attention to detail in both design and engineering, making them perfect photography subjects. Add some unique details and you can end up with something really special, both with the car as the photos of it. Luckily I have a loyal customer, Baan Velgen, who specialized in exactly this.

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Mercedes-Benz at Europa Park

Fotoshoot met Mercedes-Benz in Europa Park

Some time ago I was invited by Mercedes-Benz to take part in the Night at Europa-Park event. This event encompassed a photoshoot promoting a selection of their All Time Stars classic cars in partnership with one of Europe’s largest themeparks. As the program started at 9 am on a thursday morning, at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, we decided to take a hotel in the area the night before.

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Een BMW i8 in Typisch Nederlands Weer Fotograferen voor HRE Wheels

With being an automotive photographer in the Netherlands comes dealing with our weather. Our country isn’t exactly known for it’s great weather, except when you actually prefer featureless grey skies, rain and cold. Beyond late spring and summer, the weather often results in post poning shoots or taking the car indoors. With shooting this BMW i8 I decided to weather the storm though.

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