Behind the scenes
The Barnfind Story

Het Barnfind Verhaal

Most photographers probably started out their careers shooting things they wanted to shoot. Shooting it the way they liked to shoot it and ended up with just the images they wanted to get. I know I did. We’re ofcourse learning all the time, experimenting and often failing to get what we had in mind. For me personally, this proces taught me everything I know about photography. As soon as the hobby turns into a job though, all that changes.

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Finally, my online presence has reached beyond social media with the launch of my own website. This is something I had to do much sooner and I’ve been playing, and struggling, with this for quite some time now actually. It just never took off until I started working on the website you see here today. So for a first blog post, I thought it would be a great idea to introcuce myself a bit.

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