Behind the scenes
Is It Real? | The Birds of Amsterdam

Is Het Echt? | De Duiven van Amsterdam

Time for something new, I might just make it a returning topic depending on the feedback. The post processing part of photography has always interested me. Just like everything, learning to edit has been a path of trail and error. Nowadays I’ve become more experienced though and people often ask if certain aspects are real or not. The best compliment any retoucher can get I think?

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Behind the Scenes| KTM RC8R Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes | KTM RC8R Fotoshoot

In my previous blog post about the Daytona Coupe I told about joy of doing personal work. Or as I explained it, doing jobs without briefs that let me bring to life my own vision. Today I want to take you along another example of such a photoshoot. When a friend told me he bought a bike, this beautiful KTM RC8R, I knew I wanted to do something with it. It wasn’t long before I came up with a shot that I really wanted to get. Below I’ll tell you about the idea and the way we realized it.

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The Barnfind Story

Het Barnfind Verhaal

Most photographers probably started out their careers shooting things they wanted to shoot. Shooting it the way they liked to shoot it and ended up with just the images they wanted to get. I know I did. We’re ofcourse learning all the time, experimenting and often failing to get what we had in mind. For me personally, this proces taught me everything I know about photography. As soon as the hobby turns into a job though, all that changes.

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Finally, my online presence has reached beyond social media with the launch of my own website. This is something I had to do much sooner and I’ve been playing, and struggling, with this for quite some time now actually. It just never took off until I started working on the website you see here today. So for a first blog post, I thought it would be a great idea to introcuce myself a bit.

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